In extremely good news for everyone who fondly remembers blowing on a game cartridge before jamming it back into their Nintendo 64 – three classic Super Mario games are coming to the Switch this month. Hell, this might be what saves me from completely losing it in lockdown here in Melbourne.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo has pulled together a bulk pack of iconic games from the ages – Gamecube’s Super Mario SunshineSuper Mario Galaxy from the Wii days, and my personal favourite, Super Mario 64 from the N64 era.

The games have been vamped up to fit the widescreen specs of the Switch, and had all the graphics updated so they’re not janky as all hell, too. Love that for us.

Finally, I can revisit my childhood and curse my way through that ridiculous game of jumping through paintings, dodging those Chain Chomps, and saving baby penguins (or maybe just dropping them off the cliff for no good reason) while trying to amass as many precious Stars as I can.

super mario 64

I’ve been waiting for these damn games to hit the Switch ever since the console launched like three years ago, and now it’s here right when I need it most – in the middle of a pandemic while I’m stuck inside and left to my own devices.

The Super Mario 3D All Stars packs will be hitting the online Switch store (and regular stores in limited numbers) from September 18 and will set you back $80, which is a steal if you ask me. Be beware, this triple-game deal will only be sticking around until March 2021 – so don’t fluff around if you want to pick up a copy for yourself.

Oh and for those who are still obsessed with Animal Crossing, the game is celebrating the little plumber in his red hat and blue overalls with a range of Super Mario-themed furniture in the new year.

Image: Super Mario 64