Contrary to how life is depicted in TV and movies, most couples don’t end up with a thrilling story about how they met. People just meet people in unspectacular ways and then ten years later they’re walking around Bunnings arguing about whether or not they should ask for help locating the toilet seats. If you’ve got something special to hold on to in your ~origin story~ you hold onto it, much like David and Christine, pictured below, have done, celebrating their romance with a wedding photo at EB Games:

David & Christine first met at EB Games Swanston Street nine years ago. Yesterday, they tied the knot and went back to…

Posted by EB Games Australia on Monday, 4 March 2019

The beauty of getting married is that — for at least one day — you can do whatever the hell you want. No rules apply to you. You want to have photos taken in an EB Games? Fucken go for it. The world is your oyster, this is your day.

It’s unclear whether they met as employees or customers or as a mixture of both, but what is clear is that they love reasonably priced previously owned video game titles. And also each other.

Other people of a similar gamer persuasion were suitably touched:

Very excited to do the same thing but at the trivia night at which I got very drunk and properly met my now-partner.

Image: Facebook / EB Games