The unending march of reality TV has just about kicked off once again for 2020 with cult-fave Love Island UK swinging into action this week. And as the Very Horny Show™ premieres in the UK, it’ll be hitting Aussie screens from January 14.

Wrangle the remote and hook your laptop up to the TV for your essential viewings of the newest collective of Love Island hopefuls, with the first ep hitting 9Now from 6pm on Tuesday and episodes landing daily.

Better fire that group chat up again – you know the one – because after season five being a bloody standout I’ve got high expectations for all the delightfully horny Brits to either a) find love or b) just make some incredibly good guilty pleasure tv.

We’ve already seen a few little snippets from the premiere in the UK and to be honest, we’re about as excited/nervous/razzed up as ol’ blondie Ollie Williams in this clip. Apparently he’s not faring too well with the UK fans so, who knows what’ll happen there.

With beloved host, Caroline Flack, hanging up the togs last year, season six of Love Island UK is hosted by newcomer Laura Whitmore, who’s sure to do a bang-up job. There’s also another semi-familiar face in there, with one gal formerly dating Scotland’s national treasure and newly-appointed Australia’s Sweetheart (by me), Lewis Capaldi.

So here is your permission to have a bottle of wine or two with your best trash-tv-watching pals on a Tuesday night, because there is simply no other way to enjoy Love Island UK than with a big glass of plonk and running lounge room commentary.

Image: Supplied