Back in March, North Bergen High School went viral after going all out on a production of Alien: The Play, based on the cult classic flick. The play, which reportedly only used recycled materials on set pieces, props, and costumes, looked so bloody insane it earned a visit from the woman herself, Sigourney Weaver. 

Weaver, who starred as Ellen Ripley in the movies, dropped by the school on Alien Day to surprise the students ahead of their encore performance.

“I’m so excited to be here,” Weaver said. I’m representing all the Alien fans all over the universe who think what you’re doing is so cool and so important.”

The students, they lost their shit.

Weaver, who stayed to watch the play, told the cast afterwards: 

“To every single person backstage and every single actor on stage, you all acted so beautifully together,” she said. “You really put it out there and it was thrilling, you could tell, we were always looking, checking under our seats.” 

If you haven’t seen bits of the play/want to be reminded of how wicked North Bergen’s production of Alien was, here’s a little snippet. It’ll knock your high school production of Wicked right outta the park.

Weaver previously congratulated the students in a video posted on Alien‘s Twitter.

“I saw a bit of your production of Alien and I just wanted to say, it looked incredible,” she said at the time. “You put so much heart and soul into that, and the alien I must say looked very real to me. And I just wanted to send our compliments, not only from me but from James Cameron and the original screenwriter, Walter Hill, we all say bravo! Well done!”

She added: “And just one more thing, you know the alien might still be around so when you’re opening your locker, just do it very slowly.” 

Image: Twitter / @AlienAnthology