Gather ’round children, darling man Rami Malek has a new project on the horizon. It’s a podcast by the name of Blackout, described by the recent Oscar winner as an “exciting listen” and “quite scary at times”. 

Entertainment Weekly reports Malek stars in and serves as executive producer of the eight-episode drama. In it, he voices a New Hampshire DJ named Simon who fights to protect his family after the power grid across his town suddenly shuts down, sparking chaos.

“This is a hyper-realistic story of what would unfold should the grid go down; how we would be totally unprepared to deal with the repercussions,” Malek told EW.

The themes that we touch on because of that will explore and delve into how we respond as the most bare human beings that we are. Themes of community versus tribalism will come up, and then you will think about this loss of our sense of community and the longing that comes with increasing tech taking over our lives, and just reverting back a world that now seems so distant, a world of truly listening to one another.


Not to mention, Malek believes Blackout will be “one of the most unique podcasts that people have come across – not just the subject matter, but the way the story unfolds and the recordings used.” 

Considering his colourful CV, in particular his accidental creepy promotional video for hotel chain Mandarin Oriental, we’re confident the Bohemian Rhapsody star will bring a certain sense of… delicious discomfort to this new project.

Check out the trailer below.

If you’ve yet to experience Malek’s chilling performance for Mandarin Oriental… enjoy.


Source: Entertainment Weekly
Image: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison