Strap on the speculatin’ hats and get to work, mates. We’ve got some figurin’ to do.

Season 2 of the spectacularly good Queer Eye is fast approaching its release date on Netflix, and in preparation for it the Fab 5 boys – the whole sodding lot of them – are currently chilling out in… Canberra.

We have no idea why either.

What we do know is that Netflix has jetted the group out to Australia for a whirlwind press tour, which will see them popping up on all your favourite screens and programs later in the week (including right here on PEDESTRIAN.TV, oh my god), but as to what they’re doing in the nation’s capital is anyone’s guess.

All five of the group’s Instagram Stories have been going bananas since late last night, documenting their extremely lush Business Class flights across the pond, with the first port of call in Australia being the nation’s capital. Both Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness have posted photos of the iconic concrete bathtubs at Canberra’s extremely fancy Ovolo hotel, and as early as an hour ago the group was dining at an unidentified Canberra eatery.

Very little is known as to what they’re actually up to in Canberra, though Instagram Stories suggest that whatever it is, it’s going down tomorrow.

We do know that the Queer Eye gang has promised to perform a “special makeover” while they’re here in Australia, so combine that with their extremely political location and ah… look, the mind boggles as to the possibilities, really. Some of them good, most of them terrifying.

Thank christ Barnaby Joyce and his pudding face is on personal leave at the moment, that’s all we can say.

Unfortunately that’s all we know for the time being. But believe us when we say, our eyes are peeled.

Image: Getty Images / Tibrina Hobson