‘Queer Eye’ Is Back In June & The Boys Are Coming Down Under To Celebrate

Contributor: Pedestrian

Seems like Netflix knows when they’re on to a good thing, and know exactly when they should be slamming their foot on the accelerator. Beloved revival Queer Eye is coming back sooner than expected – we’re getting brand new eps on June 15.

And, because we earned it through our overwhelming nationwide thirst, the lads themselves are coming to Australia to promote it. They’ll be here from June 6 – June 9, and we’re sure you’ll be seeing them on literally every breakfast show, repeatedly.

They also say they’re doing a ‘very special’ secret makeover while they’re here, which we assume means Barnaby Joyce.

Though there were initially raised eyebrows over the reboot, with many speculating on whether the (generally far less anti-LGBT) world of 2017 at this point in time really needed a retread of Queer Eye for the Straight Guys‘s model. But what Netflix gave us was great – thoughtful, funny, intersectionally-minded and less laden with stereotypes.

Keep an eye out on your Netflix menu on June 15, folks.