No one likes having their conception of the universe messed up. The world outside our brains is chaotic and unpredictable enough; we want to know that what’s in our head is true and good and will remain that way permanently. This is why we don’t like remakes and unnecessary sequels. Instinctively, we want to believe that our understanding of that fictional universe is perfect the way it is, we don’t want it to be challenged. Do we want to see the official version of what Kim Possible would look like in real life? No. Is it good for our personal growth? Maybe. I’m not a doctor.

Regardless of the psychic toll that it will have on you, it is time for you to accept that Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable have been transmuted into flesh and blood by Disney Channel for their upcoming live-action feature film. Gaze upon these images given to ET:

kim possible ron stoppable
Image: Disney Channel / Craig Sjodin.

Ron, Kim, hello. Kim will be played by Sadie Stanley, with Sean Giambrone stepping in as Ron.

We’ve also got a look at Wade, played by Issac Ryan Brown:

kim possible wadeImage: Disney Channel / Jeff Weddell

And at Patton Oswalt as Professor Dementor:

kim possible patton oswalt
Image: Disney Channel / Jeff Weddell

The movie is set to premiere some time next year. No word yet on what that little bastard weasel creature will look like.

Image: Disney Channel / Craig Sjodin.