This Woman Found A Mousy Surprise In Her Big Mac And I Have Many A McQuestion

mcdonald's toy in big mac tiktok

Imagine sitting down to nom on a Big Mac and finding that a mouse has been in your burger. Well, technically a mouse. This woman on TikTok discovered a whole-ass toy of Jerry (from Tom & Jerry fame) sleeping under the cheese of her burg. I have so many McQuestions it isn’t funny.

TikToker Stephanie (@crochetacutie) usually posts about her wondrous crochet creations, but shit changed once she got a little surprise in her McDonald’s Big Mac. The original post featuring the surprise toy already has 1.6M views and I for one am not shocked.

I mean, just look at it for yourself.


Ok this isn’t #crochet related but…😳 why is Jerry in my Big Mac?🍔 @McDonald’s Australia #mcdonalds #tomandjerry #crochet #maccastoy #maccas

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The way the toy’s eyes just peek out from under the cheese? The way that it’s a massive fkn toy that managed to slip in a BURGER? The way that toys shouldn’t even be near the cooking section in Macca’s. I could talk for days about this fkd discovery.

Stephanie decided to pivot from crochet content to Big Mac investigation content real quick after she found the little Jerry. She washed the toy off to get a better look at it and friends, it is bigger than you’d think.


Reply to @ramsey.rylee.amy somebody CUT it off the toy 😭 #mcdonalds #tomandjerry #maccastoy #nasty #crochettok

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After some mousy investigation, Stephanie discovered that the toy is actually missing its bottom half. So not only did someone rip the toy apart, but they also slipped it into the burg. This all seems too orchestrated. An elaborate McPrank perhaps?

The Jerry toy is actually supposed to be sitting on a red lawnmower. And no, Jerry is not supposed to come off. Someone went at this toy with SCISSORS. Huge Sid from Toy Story vibes.


Reply to @shananigans21 I just hope they cut it in the kitchen and didn’t bring it from home 🤢 #mcdonalds #happymealtoy #bigmac

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In the final update TikTok in the Jerry saga, Stephanie confirmed that McDonald’s would be looking into this wild case.

“They called me and apologised,” she said.

“They said they are opening an investigation at the McDonald’s it happened at.

“They will get back to me in about ten days.”


Reply to @doxgukka for anyone who wanted an update. #mcdonalds #happymealtoy #bigmac #crochettok #somethinginmyfood #tomandjerry #tomandjerrytoy

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Well, looks like I’ll be taking apart my Big Macs for the next few days. I don’t want to find Ron Stoppable holding a grappling hook at the bottom of my Grand Angus, thank you very much.