The countdown is on for long-awaited Stan Original Series Bloom and if the teasers are anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

While the first teaser focused on lead star Phoebe Tonkin as she strolled through a field, looking like she’d just stepped off the page of a fashion shoot, the second trailer gave us a cheekier look at the series… literally.

Haunting violins play as we see a dark country town and old m8 Ryan Corr legging it down the street, completely in the nude with a policeman in tow.

Old M8 Ryan Corr Literally Hauls Ass In The Latest Cheeky ‘Bloom’ Teaser

Old M8 Ryan Corr Literally Hauls Ass In The Latest Cheeky ‘Bloom’ Teaser

“I never look back,” his voiceover says.

The cheekiness soon ends as we see shots of Corr’s character Sam grabbing Phoebe’s character Gwen by the neck, a policeman (presumably the same one chasing a stark naked Corr) holding a gun at his head and other scenes where he appears to be in distress.

He ultimately awakens in what looks like a jail cell as the older version of himself.

“Some people will kill for its secret,” the voiceover says as the teaser ends.

Suss it out below:

ICYMI: Bloom is a 6-part drama series about a strange plant that grows in a small country town after a terrible flood kills five locals. The berries emanating from the plant have the power to restore youth, which leaves the characters with the decision of whether or not they’d wanna revisit their past.

All six episodes of the series will drop at the same time on New Year’s Day which is pretty ideal for your hungover binge-session.