Zac Efron Reportedly Has A New Aussie Girlfriend And I’m Sad To Announce That It Is Not Me

zac efron girlfriend

Zac Efron (aka Troy Bolton, aka all of our sexual awakenings) reportedly has a new Australian girlfriend, and as much as it pains me to admit it, it’s not me. Sorry.

Efron was recently spotted returning home to Byron Bay with a ~mystery woman~ after a cheeky getaway at Thredbo, according to the Daily Telegraph.

According to sources in Byron Bay, Efron is reportedly dating Aussie waitress Vanessa Valladares, who is quite literally living all of our dreams. Vanessa, my girl, give us some dating tips please.

The pair met back in July when Efron visited her workplace for a bite to eat, and I guess the rest is history because they reportedly just got back from a romantic ski vacay in Thredbo, so there goes *my* chances of dating him.

In truly heartbreaking news for the rest of us, there are reports that she’s the reason he’s chosen to extend his tourist visa for an extra year, which is probably a sign they’re pretty serious at this point.

It’s important to note that neither party has confirmed the relationship yet, so it’s all just rumours at this stage. But if true, we need to give Vanessa a round of applause.

The rumour comes after reports that Efron was looking to purchase a house in the seaside town of Byron Bay, which could be a hint that he’s planning on pulling a Hemsworth and setting up camp here in Australia long-term.

Unfortunately, I think this quashes the theory that he only stayed in Australia to surprise us with an appearance on The Masked Singer but hey, I’m happy for him.