Like An Influencer Gone Rogue, Zac Efron Has Ditched Byron For Brissy & This Pic Proves It

zac efron brisbane

Hold onto your binoculars babes, Zac Efron has been confirmed to be in Brisbane, which means I won’t be a Sydney resident for much longer. Hang tight baby, I’m coming over!

33-year-old dreamboat turned ultra-dreamboat, Zac Efron, has ditched the delights of Byron Bay and has been spotted living it up in BrisVegas. Honestly, nobody would have a clue where he was if it wasn’t for a certain post up on Instagram.

Thanks to Jim Bostock, Nerve Relief Specialist from the Bostock Insitute in Bulimba, we can safely say that Efron is currently in Brisbane. Thank you Insta for this knowledge on which we feast.

Courier Mail reports that Efron flew up to Brisbane from Sydney on Saturday, on a domestic Virgin flight. It also reports that Efron was “dressed discreetly in sunglasses, mask and a hat,” which is probably why nobody spotted him earlier.

So what on Earth is Efron doing at the Bostock Insitute in Brisbane? Well, in case you may have forgotten, our favourite Hollywood Australian-by-association is currently filming episodes for season 2 of his show Down to Earth with Zac Efron.

The second season is going to focus completely on Australia, and will see the turbo hotty explore the many things that make down under special.

Bostock Insitute is a rather special place to hit up if you’re in Brisbane, and has a reputation amongst singers like Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy and Tina Arena for restoring their singing voices with vocal treatment.

My bets are on Efron hitting up Bostock for some back-cracking nerve-restoring action while he’s in Brissy.

Of course, we also have to remember that Efron is reportedly going to be sued by Aussie filmmaker Ben Waddell, who claims that the entire idea for Down To Earth was stolen from him.

Waddell’s brother even made a GoFundMe in order to raise funds for a court case, but so far nothing has been actioned except a few letters back and forth.

If you’re looking for an update on that, here’s a rhyming poem summary that Waddell posted a couple of days ago to remind you of his journey so far. It also serves as a reminder to Zac Efron that he apparently has seven days left… before… something?

Anyway, if you need me I’m going to be putting down big money in BrisVegas in hopes of hitting the jackpot (running into Zac Efron for even one second).