Happy Endings, the source of about 80% of our favourite gifs, and the most beautiful show ever to burn briefly but brightly on American network TV, may be on its way back for a revival of some sort, if a cryptic status update from the show’s writers is any indication.

Earlier today, a Tweet appeared on the official Happy Endings writers account, linking to the following countdown clock, which appears to be ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until April 1. 

It’s unclear what the text “it’s almost a new day” is referring to, but many have speculated that Happy Endings, cancelled at the end of its third season in 2013, may be awakening from its long hibernation.

Since the show’s cancellation, Adam Pally, aka our slovenly gay spirit animal Max Blum, has done a stint on The Mindy Project, and Damon Wayans Jr returned to his role on New Girl.

Both men have since left those shows, and Eliza Coupe‘s hilarious but sadly under-watched legal comedy Benched has just been cancelled after one season. 

Casey Wilson, aka our backup spirit animal Penny Hartz, is currently starring on NBC’s Marry Me. That leaves Zachary Knighton and Elisha Cuthbert, both of whom have new comedies (Weird Loners and One Big Happy) debuting later in the year.

With at least half of the cast currently in gainful employment, a new season seems unlikely, but at very least, a one-off reunion might be possible, necessitating a drunken, rib-eating viewing party.

You’ll note that we have now gif’d all the characters but Dave. Poor Dave. We may as well chuck him a pity gif.

Given that the countdown ends on April Fool’s Day, this could all be some big prank, but the Happy Endings writers would never toy with our hearts like that. Whatever this big surprise is, we need it in our lives now.

h/t Uproxx