This article contains big 'ol spoilers for Yellowjackets Season One!

Prepare to be ooked, spooked and thoroughly gooped because Season Two of Yellowjackets finally has a release date. Back to the wilderness we go.

That’s right m’dears, pack your survival kits and prepare yourself for March 25, 2023 ‘cos Yellowjackets will be coming in hot. Or maybe cold, seeing as last time we left the group they were stranded in the wilderness in the middle of winter.

Paramount+ shared a short teaser for the show’s second season. It sets the tone for some creepy shenanigans, featuring a frosty wood, someone writing on their arm in what appears to be blood, and the mysterious rune we know, love and fear from Season One.

Cast member Sammi Hanratty, who plays the younger version of Misty on Yellowjackets, shared a TikTok celebrating the news too.

@sammihanratty Mood cause we have a date!!!! #YELLOWJACKETS SEASON 2 will premiere 3-24-2023 #bts #mistyquigley ♬ #SELFIE – The Chainsmokers

If you need a refresher on Season One of Yellowjackets, here’s the abridged version:

In 1996 a girls’ high school soccer team crashed in the Canadian mountains and they weren’t discovered for 19 months. The story is a dual narrative. As well as the wilderness era, we also followed four of the survivors Shauna (Melanie Lynskey and Sophie Nélissse), Taissa (Tawny Cypress and Jasmine Savoy Brown), Misty (Christina Ricci and Hanratty) and Nat (Juliette Lewis and Sophie Thatcher) as adults in 2021.

They’re being harassed by an anonymous person who claims to know what ~really happened~ out there in the wood.

I’ll tell you, I’m bloody intrigued to see where Season Two takes us. From Taissa’s scary AF, dirt-eating other persona to Shauna’s pregnancy to the lingering mystery about adult Lottie (Simone Kessell) — there is simply so much to unpack.

Plus there’s the cannibalism which was hinted at in the first scene of the first episode. Surely that’s got to bubble up sooner rather than later?

Yellowjacket‘s unique mix of survival thriller, paranormal spookiness and genuine mystery is compulsively watchable even though it gave me genuine nightmares for months. And it sounds like the second season is going to get even more graphic.

A bunch of the cast sat on a panel moderated by Variety and spilled some tea about Yellowjackets Season Two.

Nélisse AKA Young Shauna painted an ominous-sounding picture.

“There’s scenes in Season Two that are graphic to say the least, and I remember just doing it, and [the cast] all sat and looked at each other, and we were like ‘What the fuck are we doing. Like, literally, what the fuck are we doing’,” she said.

“You’ll look at it and you’ll understand, but I don’t think you’ve ever seen such a scene in TV before.”

As well as the four main characters and their various actors, we’ll also get Lauren Ambrose playing an adult version of Van. Liv Hewson, who plays teen Van, will be a series regular. As a redheaded lesbian, Van is absolutely my fave character so I cannae wait.

In even more exciting updates, it was previously confirmed my king Elijah Wood would star as a “citizen detective” in a series-long guest role.

If you can’t wait for March 25 to come soon enough, you can always rewatch Season One on Paramount+ and relive the mystery all over again.