Fashun fiends might know that Kendall Jenner was on the cover of Vogue Spain this month, covered in red ruffles and looking – as Rob Thomas and Santana say in iconic 1999 track ‘Smooth‘ – like a gorgeous“muñequita, a Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa”. (Yeesh, Ballerinas Are Damn Mad At Kendall Jenner’s “Pathetic” Vogue Shoot)

Along with the cover and editorial, Vogue Spain released an incredibly Vogue-like video of Kendall languidly dancing around an arty, light-filled studio with ballet slippers and swaddled in an assortment of dreamy jumpers and tutus.

While this might seem rather atypical of a fashion magazine, you’d be wrong to think it. 

Because rather than being a light-hearted video about the nostalgia of childhood ballet lessons and the innocent, unfulfilled dreams of youth, it was actually made purely to fucking RUIN the happiness and destroy the serotonin levels of all ballerinas. 

Or so you would think. Because these ballerinas are mad, dude. Oh god they’re so mad. They are spitting hatred with the fire of a thousand suns. 

Here’s the video: 


Allegedly, dance instructor Abby Lee Miller from ‘Dance Moms’ even commented on Kendall’s IG post about the editorial, telling her how bad her form was. 

The comments from the Insta in question are now all blocked:

Source: Vogue España / Twitter

Photo: Instagram / @kendalljenner.