Win A Date With Jennifer Hawkins

Is Chanel Seven pimping out Jennifer Hawkins? Not in Xzibit’s pimp my ride metaphorical sense but you know, the literal sense. The Myer ambassador and former Miss Universe winner was today announced as the main prize in a Chanel Seven competition for Beauty and the Geek Australia – a “social experiment” that pairs pretty idiots with socially inept nerds. Their words not ours.

The Beauties are described as “vivacious, fun-loving women who love shopping, socialising and being the centre of attention…But ask for their opinions on politics, to solve a mathematical equation or maybe how to rebuild your hard drive and they’ll more than likely be stumped.

The Geeks on the other hand “love sci-fi, comics, gaming and computers. They are socially awkward, conversationally challenged and many are still waiting for their first date.”

Wow. They should totally rename the show Beauties, Geeks and Convenient Stereotypes or Here’s An Equation: The Big Bang Theory + Reality Television = Terrible. Anyway Ms. Hawkins (Beauty) and Sunrise presenter David Koch (Geek) will accompany two luck winners (one winner will be far luckier than the other) on a dinner date in Sydney. The catch of course is you have to watch Beauty And The Geek Australia, the most effective serious-applicants-only filter we’ve seen since RSVP full body shots. Good luck ladies and gents.

Title Image by Scott Barbour via Getty