Jen Hawkins, Natalie Imbruglia Cover Who’s Sexiest People Issue

Who Magazine have unveiled their Sexiest People issue with a pin-up inspired cover featuring former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, X-Factor host Natalie Imbruglia and Packed To The Rafters actress Jessica Marais. The sun kissed cover was shot boatside at Sydney Harbour in Altona, Point Piper, by super talented photog Chris Colls (interview here). It’s undeniably sexy but as with important things like taste in music or personal style, or, slightly less important things like religious or political affiliation, sex appeal is a subjective beast. Some prefer buxom blondes or hulking gym junkies while others gravitate toward mousey brunettes or emaciated boys with ambiguous gender. There’s probably something here for everyone. Below, you can peruse a selection of Who’s sexiest along with the things they find sexy (Jennifer Hawkins is turned on by “killer accessories”) or why Who chose them in the first place.

WHO Magazine’s Sexiest People List for 2010:

JENNIFER HAWKINS: The model/businesswoman finds dancing, partner Jake and killer accessories sexy.

NATALIE IMBRUGLIA: She’s got the X-factor and loves her “feisty” side.

JESSICA MARAIS: Who turns Jessica on? “My fiancé [Packed to the Rafters co-star] Jimmy Stewart. He’s the sexiest man in the world.”

JENNIFER ANISTON: So global is her girl-next-door appeal that she’s cricketer Michael Clarke’s top pick for sexiest star.

MICHAEL CLARKE: The sporting star has smouldering looks and a cutting-edge charm.

ROBERT PATTINSON: From Ellen DeGeneres to Hugh Grant, the artfully scruffy Brit is the star other stars crave.

SOFIA VERGARA: Modern Family’s Colombian hottie opens up about her “ridiculous boobs” and why she’s “always felt sexy.”

CAMERON DIAZ: A Sexiest-issue favourite returns and tells why she gets hotter with age.

RONAN KEATING: The X Factor judge has mesmerised us with his Irish wit, and says he feels sexiest “on my Harley…it’s the freedom, the exhilaration of it.”

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: Mad Men’s voluptuous sexpot turns heads on-screen and off.

DAVID BECKHAM: Now his pretty-boy days are over, he’s turned into one hot man.

JESSICA HART: This gap-toothed beauty confesses she feels her sexiest in a T-shirt, undies and socks.

LARA BINGLE: Her sexy-man must-have list? Tatts, loyalty, a sense of humour – and a touch of flair in the kitchen!

: The hot teacher from Glee – who comes complete with “those muscle lines right over my hips” – proves he ain’t no choirboy.

TAMARA JABER: Newly single, the hotter-than-ever pop star smoulders in WHO’s photo-shoot.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO: His instinct might have been to “run away” from the pin-up tag, but the Inception star still sets hearts racing.

JESSICA MAUBOY: Releasing her inner sex-kitten, the chart-topper talks learning to love the skin she’s in.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Offering to audition in the nude? It’s certainly not his sexy back Justin’s drawing attention to in 2010.

MARION COTILLARD: A French femme fatale who entrances her co-stars.

NATALIE GRUZLEWSKI: Forget farm boys, the date show host lusts after a bad-boy rocker: “I think most girls like that.”

KYLIE MINOGUE: A modest megastar: “I don’t see myself as a love or sex goddess.”

JOE MANGANIELLO: The gym-honed True Blood star who leaves fans howling for more.

TERESA PALMER: This glamorous actress believes “sexiness comes from within.”

ESTHER ANDERSON: From the glow of a great tan to the perfect pair of leather pants, this soap star believes sexiness is all in the execution.

NATALIE PORTMAN: The thinking man’s sex-symbol cuts loose: “I’m definitely not a prude about sex or nudity.”

Via Who