TV Presenter Changes Mid-Broadcast After Wearing Same Dress As Jen Hawkins

Folks, we regret to inform you that it’s happened again.

Channel 7 horse racing pundit Francesca Cumani appears to have undertaken a rare outfit cover-up, after rocking up to Derby Day in a dress remarkably similar to the one worn by Jennifer Hawkins.

Taking to Flemington Racecourse to add her insights to the day’s equine action, Cumani wore a black-and-white embroidered number from designer Jonathan Simkhai.

The Channel 7 styling department, which has a contractual agreement to dress its Derby Day talent exclusively in Myer brands, took to Instagram with a head-to-toe look at Cumani:

The network’s horse racing-specific Instagram also posted a close-up of the presenter. Note the circular detailing on the straps, here:

Of course, Cumani also appeared in the dress during the network’s broadcast:

However, Hawkins – who is present at the races as a Myer ambassador – also wore a Jonathan Simkhai dress. The same dress, actually, minus what appears to be some alterations around the waistline:

The result of this unexpected doppelganger-y: abject chaos.

Well, not really, but Cumani did appear in later televised segments wearing a tasteful floor-length trenchcoat.

In a statement obtained by, Myer clarified that it was only aware of Hawkins’ outfit choice, and that it didn’t have any input or knowledge of Channel 7’s wardrobe decisions.

It is currently unclear which party, if any, requested the trenchcoat. Hell, Cumani may have simply been a bit chilly trackside.

Nevertheless, the incident seems to bear some of the hallmarks of last year’s, uh, animated discussion between Channel 9 presenters Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook over who could wear a white shirt during a broadcast.

Neither Cumani nor Hawkins have appeared to address the dress. Hopefully, life will go on.