What Can We Learn From The First Official Image of Breaking Bad’s Final Season?

Not a lot, it would seem, but it does raise a bunch of questions, including:

  • Has Jesse been crying? If so, what about [or perhaps: what not about]? Those eyes are definitely a little watery, a little red, and more than a little puffy. We’re definitely in his house so he’d be comfortable shedding a few tears here in his [periodic] element. 
  • What is Walt trying to convince Jesse to do now? That is some seriously persuasive pedagogical body language; hands splayed, palms open [“Trust me”] eyebrows raised, it screams: “Jesse, listen to me: listen, listen, listen. Listen. Trust me. Kill this person for me.
  • Is that one of the black duffle bags loaded with the cash that Walt left with Jesse in season five and a half’s midway finale, or am I imagining that? If so, does this mean that nary a day has passed between the two half-seasons? Is this a flashback then? Surely not. Wasn’t there a three month time lapse? So many questions.
  • Other options for what’s in the bag: the head of a vanquished rival; Skyler; the stolen Breaking Bad script; a hilarious joke you haven’t heard yet that ties seamlessly the end of Breaking Bad with a witness protection program and the beginning of Malcolm In The Middle. Nope. That’s definitely not in there because it doesn’t exist.
  • Is that a mind-blowingly ominous skull motif on Jesse’s hoody/throw/security blanket? Also, is that a hazmat suit draped casually across the futon in the middle of Walt and Jesse? Of course Jesse has a futon – they’re so convenient. 
  • Is that a milkshake or a freshly-pressed juice? What flavour milkshake would Jesse order? Strawberry, I’ll bet. Also, two beers? Did Walt and Jesse share those beers last year? I can’t remember. Guess I’ll have to watch it all again before the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad air from August 11, 2013.
What have we missed? Leave your predictions and observations in the comments below if you feel so inclined.
You can also scan a high-res version of the image for clues here [via Collider].