Watch AMC’s Official Breaking Bad Season Five Teaser

AMC has uploaded the official trailer for the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad. A couple of things to note here. That once ambiguous moral duality between Walt and Heisenberg has officially graduated from desperate science teacher and his baller alter ego to legitimately scary drug Hitler and somebody that we used to know, like and identify with. What else? Jesse and Walt be cooking that blue again because money is happiness and happiness is just that moment before you need more drugs. Walt justifies it by saying “There’s a market to be filled and currently no one to fill it.” Other things which need to be filled? Our sense of dread, Ikea storage bins, caskets and the orifices of all their enemies! Meanwhile, Skyler is so terrified of Walt that she’s on total hover hand mode and Mike’s knack for avoiding death appears like it will continue forever, which, to be honest, probably means he’s definitely going to die. “You’re a time bomb tick ticking away,” he tells Walt. “And I have no intention of being around for the boom”. Please henchman Mike, move to Canada immediately!

Breaking Bad returns to AMC July 15th.