Watch: ‘Zombie Boy’ Rico Sells Concealing Make-Up

Rick ‘Rico’ Genest is one of the most famous and recognisible identities in fashion. That’s largely thanks to Nicola Formichetti, who used him as his muse for the recent Mugler collection and Lady GaGa, who threw him into her ‘Born This Way’ video.

But in what must be the ultimate piece of brand strategy, Dermablend have enlisted Rico to sell their concealer make-up range – in reverse. Thus we see a video where the man (who is literally tattooed from head to toe) removes his make-up to show what’s underneath. It’s startlingly good and remarkably bold given that it’s a beauty product for women. In fact if it can cover up those swathes of ink, we’re never going to deal with zits again.

via The Cut.