Lady Gaga Met Each Living Former US President Like Some Cooked Mt Rushmore

Sure, 2017 has almost wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean the year has expended all of its reality-warping weirdness. The latest proof: a photo showing all five living former U.S. presidents, accompanied by Lady Gaga.

We’ll give you a minute to accept that image as legitimate; a moment to comprehend Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama appearing in front of the Joanne megastar.

We understand that the image is best without context, and if you wish to create your own narrative regarding the image’s provenance, that’s your prerogative. However, we probably should say the image was captured during the weekend’s One America Appeal fundraiser, which added to nearly $40M already garnered for Americans recently affected by hurricanes.

The Saturday telethon was devised in the aftermath of the hurricanes which impacted Texas, Florida, broad swathes of the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. That series of disasters inspired the former leaders to wield their influence to help those dealing with the devastation.

All five of ’em were in attendance at the event, which featured entertainment from the singer. So, there. It makes sense. Kind of.

It is still an objectively baffling image, and you better believe it’s been given the Internet™ treatment.

Meanwhile, we’re still awaiting for insanely awkward photos of President Donald Trump and 3 Doors Down.