WATCH: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars Attempt A Gory Game Of Would You Rather

The lingering remnants of Game Of Thrones’ House Stark have answered a slew of Would You Rather questions for the lords at Entertainment Weekly, and we’ll be damned if we can’t wildly extrapolate plot details from their juicy answers.

Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, and Isaac Hempstead Wright revealed some lil’ tidbits that still speak volumes about their characters and some possible motivations going forward.

Some of the answers were pretty mundane: of course Harington, aka Jon bloody Snow, would rather be a member of the Night’s Watch than a member of the Faceless Men, a la Williams / Arya Stark. And yes, Hempstead Wright would like to go back to his character’s roots of climbing things he shouldn’t be climbing.

But things got dicey upon mention at the mention of Littlefinger, and Turner’s diplomatic answer only came after some obvious mental deliberation. Cop Harington’s brooding answer about the future of a Game Of Thrones sequel or prequel, too. Foreboding.

Get around it, before everything turns to ash or permafrost: