Watch Tom Hardy Killing It In New Trailer For ‘Locke’

Steven Knight, writer of Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises, and one of the original creators of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, is set to direct Tom Hardy in his newest film Locke. The feature, which premiered at Venice Film Festival, has been getting excellent reviews so far and the trailer alone is enough to get you jacked.

Knight said of his previous creation, Redemption and the new film: “The whole process just made me think to look again at the basics of what the job is: get a load of people into a room, turn off the lights and get them to watch a screen for 90 minutes, and how many other ways there are, without using all the tricks that normally go with a film.”

He went on to say, “And that meant it needed to be one person and I think Tom is the best actor we’ve got, so when he was interested, I wrote the script knowing that he was going to be in it. The whole thing was all quite odd and very quick, we met in November, wrote it over Christmas and shot it in February.”