Watch The Trailer For HBO’s Gay-Centric Drama Series, “Looking”

This square-jawed menagerie of deep stares, handsomeness and button up shirts is the official teaser trailer for HBO’s new series Looking, the gay-friendly TV drama series that the network hopes will one day be to the LGBT community what Girls is to girls and what Entourage was to mid-2000s straight dudes who called strangers ‘babe’ and bathed themselves in Lynx deodorant.

With no 1) synopsis beyond the fact that it’s about three friends who live in San Francisco or 2) clues as to which one the Samantha character is, we can only say that we are very much looking forward to this – and the discourse it will undoubtedly generate.

Looking stars Jonathan Groff, Frankie Alvarez, and Murray Bartlett and premieres January 2014.