WATCH: The New ‘Riverdale’ S2 Trailer Will Make You Pee Your Pants

Riverdale fans, listen the fuck upppppp – there’s a brand new season 2 trailer in town, and it’s not holding back.

Consider our heebies freshly jeebied, because things look set to be scary as hell and full of some popcorn-munching drama.

We’ve got what looks like a solid ‘Varchie‘ shower scene – although there is absolutely not enough ‘Bughead‘ in this promo, tbqh. We’ll have to settle for a season 1 gif.

Archie‘s got a motherfucking GUN, and looks like he’s well keen on using it, Jughead‘s gone to visit dad in prison so that’ll be interesting to say the least…. hooo boy.

Excited for season 2 doesn’t even cover it.