You knew this was coming.

After a week in which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was repeatedly dacked by US President Donald Trump’s administration, Saturday Night Live decided to present their understanding of that ill-fated phone call.

We’ve said before that it must be damn hard for SNL‘s writers to come up with gags that are actually more ridiculous than real life, so we’re just going to assume this is what actually happened. Word for word. Blow for blow. 

Alec Baldwin returned as the man Reddit has alternately dubbedMango Mussolini and theCheeto Benito to verbally abuse Beck Bennett’s passable Turnbull, and we’ll be damned if the sentence America first, Australia sucks, your reef is failing, prepare to go to war” never tumbled out of Trump’s snarling mouth.

Keep an eye out for Kenan Thompson’s stair-riffing bit at the end, too. What fun:

Source and photo: Saturday Night Live / NBC.