WATCH: ‘Silicon Valley’ Drops Trailer For Its 1st Season Without T.J. Miller

Silicon Valley is coming back for a fifth season in March, and the show has just dropped its first trailer. In it, Richard (Thomas Middleditch), the bumbling and loveable founder of Pied Piper spews catastrophically before delivering an address to his newly-expanded company. Comedy!

Nah, but seriously, Silicon Valley is legit one of the funniest shows on TV right now – and consistently nails everything stupid and vainglorious about the tech industry. This trailer is interesting as it is the first season of the show not to feature T.J. Miller, who played self-obsessed and moronic startup incubator owner Erlich Bachman.

Miller was recently the subject of some pretty serious sexual assault allegations, but he’d actually left the show last May, long before the allegations came out. In a shockingly candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miller basically roasted all of his co-stars and the producers of the show, proving fairly conclusively that he had no interest in returning to the show even before the assault allegations.

But oh well! His character was getting pretty tired anyway, so the show shouldn’t feel his loss too profoundly. Get ready for season five when it lands in March.

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