WATCH: Haley Joel Osment Is In The ‘Silicon Valley’ S4 Trailer & This Is Fine

It’s been way too long between drinks for Mike Judge‘s seriously excellent HBO comedy series ‘Silicon Valley.’ And we say that fully aware that season three only wrapped up in June of last year.

But nonetheless, the show is bloody brilliant and funny and extremely well written and it absolutely loves a good cliffhanger ending. Meaning for six months we’ve been left out to dry with the dangling knowledge that (spoiler alert) Erlich and Bighead now own Pied Piper. But what that means exactly is totally up in the air.
We’ve seen a tiny teaser for the upcoming fourth season of the show, but HBO finally dropped a full trailer on us overnight and by the looks of things, it’s gonna be a season that revels in chaos.
Also Haley Joel Osment is in it?
And… that’s… a bit weird?
Regardless, the trailer drops some tiny morsels of information – Richard, it would appear, is set to at least attempt to work with Gavin Belson on *something* – without really giving anything too earth-shattering away.
‘Course there is the revelation of Gilfoyle and Dinesh wearing matching silk pyjamas and using the word “rad” liberally, which is staggering to me.

Sweet merciful lord, this looks like it’s gonna rule.
The fourth season of ‘Silicon Valley‘ begins airing from April 23rd. Things are gonna get DISRUPTED.

Source: HBO/YouTube.