Carpool Karaoke‘ is an unstoppable beast at this point , with the squillions of views ensuring the stupidly popular Late Late Show remote is going to be a regular, weekly thing for as long as they can keep pumping them out.

The latest cab off the rank is ya girl Selena Gomez, who again jumps into the car and allows James Corden to use the diamond lane on his way to work.

Together they rattle off a bunch of Selena’s tracks, as well as a mad little turn on TaySway‘s monolithic hit ‘Shake It Off,’ but it’s the in-between bit where this gets particularly interesting.

Namely, the pair do a bloody good old fashioned Maccas run through the drive-thru.

Sure, it’s all “paid consideration” and the fact that Gomez’s lyrics are currently adorning Maccas cups in the US is, I’m sure, a ~total coincidence~.

But look at that dipping sauce game she’s running on those fries.

That’s some pro-level sauce work, right there. Busting that shit out before the drinks have arrived? SAUCE BOSS.

Source: YouTube.