WATCH: Sad Ben Affleck Ponders The Critical Savaging Of ‘Batman V Superman’

Batman v Superman is going to make an obscene amount of money at the box office, and the absolute critical savaging it’s currently receiving is not likely to affect that one bit.
That said, if you’ve made a shit movie, you probably know somewhere deep down that you’ve made a shit movie, and the reality of this was written all over Ben Affleck‘s sad, handsome face when an interviewer asked about the “mixed response” to the film.
Henry Cavill gamely smiled and gave what was presumably the most diplomatic answer possible in the circumstances; Affleck, meanwhile, stared off into the abyss and pondered every decision that brought him to this moment.
Someone set the whole thing to music, because of course they did. Are you okay Ben Affleck? Mate? Mate?

Source: The Verge.