WATCH: Run The Jewels’ New Clip Retires Every Other Internet Cat Video

The frantic fever dream that is Run The Jewels‘ ‘joke’ album Meow The Jewels has finally been accompanied by visuals that match the album’s demented conception, thanks to notorious animator / likely psychopath Cyriak.

We guess the brief on this one was “we made this record with nothing but cat noises, let’s see if you can do a clip with naught but kitties, too.” 

He delivered, presumably laughing manically in the face of such a weak attempt to stump him. Whether that’s necessarily a good thing is up for you to decide:


The resultant clip for album opener Meowpurrdy – originally Jeopardy – is a morphing kitten clusterfuck, which fits snugly in Cyriak’s wheelhouse of shapeshifting cows, pigs, and… British soapies. 
At least the terrifying zenith of the internet cat video has been reached for a good cause. One half of RTJ El-P took a moment to remind the internet of the album’s intentions: all proceeds taken from the album have been dedicated towards the victims of police brutality, with funds earmarked for the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. 

If your psyche can handle it, the full album is available online for free; you can purchase the record – and donate some of those funds – here. 
Photo: Youtube.