Watch Ridiculously Cute Kittens Act Out ‘Finding Nemo’ In A Performance Worthy Of An Oscar

In what is probably the best thing you will see all morning, a bunch of kittens have dressed up and acted out Finding Nemo.

Critics have hailed the performance as ‘revolutionary’. Some have even gone as far as to say that it should have been nominated for several Oscars, however due to scheduling conflicts (Kitten #2 had a minor roll in Inside Llewyn Davis that delayed filming) it did not make the cut-off date.

However, that was not enough to stem the tide of praise from critics across the globe.

“A transcendent experience that really makes you believe in the medium of film-making to tell stories that the world needs to hear. 5/5” – skyekimi808.

“A tour de force from the young director who subtly creates a world that is almost sensory, transporting us down to the bottom of the ocean and into the journey of young Nemo” – lolzapop555.

“The cast is what really shine in this film. The performances are riveting. Kitten #1 has shown such promise, and I would not be surprised if we are seeing the beginnings of the next Daniel Day-Lewis” – chunkylover53.

So, without further ado, I give you…