Spaniards Are Tweeting Pics Of Kittens In Wake Of Barcelona Terror Attack

Spanish Twitter users are sharing pics of kittens in the wake of the Barcelona terror attack, which left 13 dead and dozens injured.

The idea is to clog social media feeds up with kittens after police asked the public to not spread images of the crime scene.

So instead, Spanish Twitter users are sharing pics of kittens (or to use the Spanish word, gatitos, which I definitely did not just use Google Translate to look up).

Belgians responded in the same way in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris terror attacks, when Belgian forces were searching for the suspects.

One of the first Spaniards to tweet a kitten said it was inspired by their response.

Our slightly shaky translation of Twitter user @AndreaJusBieber‘s tweet is: “Let’s do what Belgium did. Spread photos of kittens so they do not leak information.”

And similar to Paris, the people of Barcelona are offering their beds to people stranded by the terror attacks, and taxi services are offering free rides to anyone who needs it. Public transport is also free of charge.

Meanwhile, police have shot and killed five terror suspects believed to be on the verge of a second vehicle-based terror attack, in a town just south of Barcelona.