Twin Peaks is a legendary show, and not without reason. 

David Lynch’s masterpiece did surreal mystery well before Lost. 

It did super-powered cheerleaders before Heroes. 

It did sawmill owners trapped in drawer handles before… well, so far, it’s the only show to have done that. 

WATCH: Pour Some Hot Coffee ‘Cos Agent Cooper’s ‘Twin Peaks’ Teaser Is Here

For those reasons and more, you should be thoroughly hyped for its return, and the all-new season will hit screens in May after a 25 year absence. 

To tide you over, Showtime has just dropped a new teaser, featuring none other than Kyle MacLachlan as coffee-sippin’, philosophy-spoutin’, Diane-lovin‘ FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper:


Is it just a glimpse at his wizened visage? Sure. But, if we’ve learned anything from this blessed bit of telly, nothing is what it seems. 

You’ll be able to catch the show on Stan when it arrives on May 22. No word on whether we’ll see what happens regarding that drawer handle sitch, though.

Source and photo: Showtime / YouTube.