Melbourne Bloke Invents oBike Fishing ‘Cos The Yarra Is Bloody Chockers

Entrepreneurs in the sharing economy have a lot to think about. How can modern business ventures improve upon actually owning something? What can be done to make user experience as seamless as possible? Most importantly, how can you stop people from throwing your shit straight into the river?

The company behind oBikes ought to take that last one into account. Since the dockless rent-a-bike system rocked up in Melbourne this June, so many of the cheerful yellow contraptions have wound up in dicey situations that some have been labelled “illegally dumped rubbish”.

Video creator Tommy Jackett obviously felt the need to do something about the two-wheeled clutter overtaking the city. Fashioning himself a burly hook at a hardware store, the fella took off along the River Yarra to rescue oBikes haphazardly tossed asunder.

While seven bikes is a pretty decent haul, we suggest any would-be oBike fishers consult the official app. Each oBike is GPS-enabled, leading to some morbidly hilarious screenshots / fishing forecasts.

Jackett obviously did leave some over for other oBike fishers, as as conditions are mighty healthy in the waters near Southbank:

Bayside is also demonstrating potential:

And someone even went to the effort of launching one off St. Kilda Pier.

We never through cleaning up could ever be considered a sport, but here we are. May your hooks be laden with bicycles, friendos.