You Can Cop Spiked Hot Milo At This Melbourne Bar All Winter Long

If there’s one thing that makes bracing against winter’s bullshit-cold icy grip, it’s the fact that you can tuck into a warm boozy drink without feeling like you’re going to turn into Alex Mack, but all sweat. A nice little hot toddy or mulled wine to warm the cockles of your heart and make you a little giggly is easily one of the best things about winter, and now there’s a challenger on the horizon – spiked hot milo.

[jwplayer 7ITt9Ari]

Now it’s not a new thing to want to put a little bit of cheeky Grown-Ups Juice™ into your hot choccy – in fact, my housemate is so well known for her boozy Milo tummy-warmers that she got given her own Mitzi Milo kit for her birthday this year.

But if you want to make it a little bit fancier than sitting on the couch in your trackies, or you just want to have a winter warmer while sitting by the Yarra River, pop along to Riverland Bar behind Federation Square to get your gob around a rum-spiked version of your childhood fave.

Served in a hand-warming glass, the concoction features classic milo (assuming multiple, heaped spoonfuls), Havana Club rum, sticky sweet maple syrup, cream and fluffy marshmallows mixed in.

praying this doesn’t happen tbh (but also pls let this happen)

Cop the toasty Adult Hot Milo™ from the bar for a neat $15 over the colder months, maybe after a freezing your ass off at the footy in the MCG on a single-digit day. Your hands and tum and entire being will thank you endlessly.