Frankly, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids wasn’t a concept that received anywhere near enough attention. Thankfully though, Alexander Payne has recognised this and is about to unleash unto us all the frankly bonkers-looking Downsizing, which dropped a trailer earlier today.

The high-concept film from Payne – his first as director since 2013’s highly acclaimed Nebraska and first as writer since the Academy Award-winning The Descendants – thrusts both Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig into a world where the global crisis of overpopulation has been solved by Norwegian scientists through a process that shrinks humans down to around 13cm tall.

The shrinking process catches on when people realise that money goes a lot further in TinyTown, and triggers a “series of life-changing adventures” for the pair.

The cast is absolutely stacked to the gills, featuring the likes of Christoph WaltzJason SudeikisJames Van Der BeekNeil Patrick HarrisLaura DernAlec Baldwin, and Bruce Willis alongside Damon and Wiig.

Peep the trailer below.

The film, which is doing the rounds of the US festival circuit, has already attracted a heap of critical praise, with at least one critic labelling it as “Alexander Payne’s miniature masterpiece.”

It’s due to hit Australian cinemas this coming Boxing Day.