WATCH: ‘Married At First Sight’ Is Returning With Its First Same-Sex Couple

There are those who complain that Married At First Sight is cheapening the marriage equality movement, or reducing same-sex marriage to some kind of “gimmick” by featuring a gay wedding when gay people cannot yet legally marry in Australia.  
Y’know what, though? It’s 2016, and if straight people can appear on Married At First Sight and completely humiliate themselves in front of the reality TV loving public, then gay people have the right do it too. That’s equality, goddammit.  
I guess that’s my roundabout way of saying that the great social experiment-slash-car crash that is Married At First Sight is coming back for a third season, and the new trailer is here, complete with a look at the heavily-hyped same-sex wedding. 
There are tears! And tatts! And slow-motion walks on the beach! And like three dudes with the Macklemore undercut! And more tears! And this guy, definitely doesn’t approve:

Married At First Sight is returning soon on Nine, so until then, here’s the new trailer:

Source: Twitter.