WATCH: Mark Hamill Gives A Trump Tweet The Uber-Sinister Joker Treatment

2016 was a huge year for pop culture critiques of the American political system, but it was also a bigger year for voters who didn’t give a solitary shit about what Saturday Night Live or John Oliver had to say about Donald Trump.
That is to say every entertainment tie-in imaginable failed to stop the American people from electing the most unqualified person to ever run for President. When you’re faced with a quasi-fascist imbecile leading the USA, snarky laughs only go so far.

With that in mind, Mark Hamill reading out Trump’s tweets as The Joker – a role Hamill has perfected over years in the Batman animated series – won’t do much to help the problem. Still, Trump’s missives carried on Hamill’s malevolent tones can be appreciated as a harmless but impressive distraction from the American shitshow:

There are definitely tinges of voice actor Billy West reading out Trump’s tweets as Futurama‘s Zapp Brannigan here, and to be honest, that whole buffoon-in-chief schtick might fit Trump a lil’ better. We’re not going to knock Hamill’s slightly more evil interpretation, though – even if it is totally futile.