Natalie Portman & Mark Hamill Wanna Meet Each Other So Someone Hook This Up

It was Natalie Portman‘s 37th birthday last weekend, and as the Star Wars universe celebrated the birth of the actress behind Queen Amidala, Mark Hamill used Twitter to drop the unexpected fact that he and his movie ma have never met.

Well, when Portman turned up on The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert to plug Eating Animals, a factory farming doco she narrates and produces, the host wanted to know how the above tweet could be true: “You’re his mum!

To which Portman cheerfully replied that she’d definitely be up to hang out with her Skywalker bebé: “It’s such a shame, I would love to meet him. Mark, I’d love to meet ya, where are ya? Come over!

But before she bought the donuts, she wanted to know, did he also wish her a happy birthday? “That would be a good first step.”

There’s definitely a missing link to their meeting though. In Colbert’s words: “I’ve spent more time with Mark Hamill than you have, and I’ve spent more time with you than Mark Hamill has. It’s like I’m the centre of the Star Wars universe.”

At the time of Hamill’s original tweet, director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson informed Hamill that the pair were actually this close to meeting on set – but she came by, in the middle of shooting Netflix‘s Annihilation at England‘s Pinewood Studios, after Hamill had finished shooting his scenes.

Fun fact: Portman and her on-screen daughter, Carrie Fisher, had met, Fisher saying in 2015 that they met once when Portman asked her to present an award: “Her agent was my child’s father [Bryan Lourd]. So in Hollywood, that’s like being related.”

To continue the family ties, Hamill tweeted the next day that he’s also never met the baby actor who played his infant self in the prequel trilogy, an uncredited Aidan Barton, who would by now be a teenager.

Someone needs to organise for the actors across all the Star Wars trilogies to meet up: does anyone know if Donald Glover‘s met Hamill yet?