John Boyega Is The Latest Of The ‘Star Wars’ Fam To Call Out Toxic Fans

John Boyega joins Mark Hamill and director Rian Johnson in calling out the toxic Star Wars fans who some feel bullied Kelly Marie Tran into straight-up deleting her entire Instagram feed.

In his post to Twitter last night, Boyega wrote that “harassing the actors/ actresses will do nothing“, and that rude people, targeting the cast, are “not entitled to politeness” in response.

Hamill lightened the mood, quick to quip that sometimes diehard stans could take a statement like “putting themselves in our shoes” all too literally.

Last week, after Tran first said ‘BYEEEEE‘ to the trolls on her account, Hamill posted a picture of himself with the actress in support, writing “#GetALifeNerds“.

Meanwhile, director Rian Johnson took a moment to appreciate fans who debate online with “humour, love and respect“.

But he was taking no shit from anyone who didn’t acknowledge the cruelty of the campaign against Tran.

He also was not having it with anyone trying to have a go at him in the replies to his retweet of a, well, delightful, Wheel of Fortune Answers meme.

Tran quit Insty almost two years after her cast mate Daisy Ridley also quit the site, she too having been harangued by ‘fans’ for expressing support for the family members of the victims of gun violence.

According to The Guardian, an online hate group have claimed responsibility for the attacks on Tran, in a since-deleted Facebook post.

The group, who aim to “Bring back the Straight White Male Hero” (*barf*), were previously behind an attempt to fudge a negative Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes for Black Panther. To the extent that the group were actually thrown off Facebook for creating an event encouraging their followers to derail the film’s critical reception score on the reviews aggregator.