Mark Hamill Delivers Yet Another Spectacular Joker Reading Of Trump Tweets

Mark Hamill is legitimately one of the best people to walk the earth for a bunch of different reasons, the most commonly known one being that he is Luke Skywalker and Star Wars is just goddamn 10/10. 
However, if you follow Mark on Twitter, you may have recently noticed that he has started a a new, extremely good project, which is further contributing to his ‘salt of the earth’ status: it’s called ‘The Trumpster‘. 
Hamill is the voice of The Joker from Batman, and his newest project is him reading out Donald Trump‘s most inane tweets in the Joker‘s voice
So far, all of the tweets have been crazy enough to hold their own when being heard through the aural lens of The Joker‘s manic, psychologically-unstable psyche. Like, they fit really, really well. Scary well. 
He’s back with part 2, which is Trump’s tweet about Meryl Streep‘s speech at the Golden Globes. This one:

And this is Mark Hamill as The Joker, reading it:
Seriously, thank god or Yoda or whoever for Mark Hamill. May the force always be with him and his glorious voice acting. 
Source: Twitter / @hamilltrumpster.