WATCH: Kendall Jenner Will Drink Clam Juice Before She’ll Rat Kylie Out

There’s something weirdly hypnotic about beautiful people being forced to eat gross things for our amusement, and James Corden has well and truly tapped into that market with Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.
The premise is pretty simple – guests are asked a series of intimate questions, and usually have the choice between ratting out a loved one, or chugging down a powerfully disgusting ‘delicacy’ like cod sperm or bird saliva. 
Kendall Jenner was Corden’s guest on the most recent episode, and with mum Kris cheering her on from the audience, she well and truly brought her game face. 
While she happily ranked her nieces’ and nephews’ names from best to worst, she drew the line when it came to a somewhat awkward question about Kylie. Blood is apparently thicker than clam juice. Enjoy:
Source: The Late Late Show With James Corden / YouTube.