Kris Jenner Did A Lie Detector Test Revealing Who Her Favourite Kid Is & Really, That One?

Kris and Kylie Jenner appeared on, yeuch, The Late Late Show With James Corden and took part in a genuinely spicy lie-detector test. It revealed the ultimate momager’s favourite child to momage and I won’t lie, I was shook, shaken and thoroughly stirred.

My nemesis James Corden got Kris to play a game of Late, Late Light Detector where Kris was hooked up to — you guessed it, a lie detector — while Kylie and Corden asked her questions. I love science.

Of course, as you would if your mum was strapped to a lie detector, Kylie went in for the kill straight away.

“Am I your favourite child?” she asked.

Kris answered yes and the lie detector came up as true. Who fkn knew: I for sure had my money on Kim being number one.

But Kylie said she “already knew” that she’d be her mum’s favourite. Once again, the youngest child stays winning when it comes to parental favouritism. Justice for eldest daughters!!!

James Corden also pointed out the absolute speed at which Kris answered the question. No thoughts, just gut instincts.

There are going to be tensions in Calabasas and Hidden Hills, methinks.

“I can’t go home!” Kris said after the lie detector confirmed her answer.

She joked about “moving in with Kylie, my favourite” later in the interview — though she also said Kylie cancelled on family commitments too much.

We had drama, we had revelations. The whole lie detector was, in essence, a mini season of The Kardashians, but with less apparent PR relationships.

To be fair to Kris and the rest of her children, the lie detector also came up as true when she said her favourite late night host was James Corden. I’m sensing there may be a ghost in the machine of some sort there.

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While she was hooked up to the detector, Kris also denied helping Kim leak her sex tape (apparently true) and said Kendall hadn’t learned how to cut a cucumber (also true). Revelations upon revelations here folks.

Her one lie? Saying Kourtney and Travis Scott‘s PDA was only too much “once in a while”. Right, I reckon we know who’s bottom of the fave list at the moment.

This whole situation is proof that I clearly need to get my mum on a lie detector test as soon as possible, even if it ruins family Christmas. Or in Kris’s case, family Khristmas.