WATCH: J-Law Has Strong Sexy Feelings For Both Larry David & Seth Meyers

Bless Jennifer Lawrence, bless her shotgun approach to romantic prospects, and while we’re at it, bless her total disregard for personal dignity for bringing us these pieces of vital information on Late Night:

  1. J-Law had a major crush on Seth Meyers, and was deadset going to ask him out – until she found out he was engaged;
  2. He found that piece of information absolutely hilarious, to the point of almost laughing at her;
  3. She voluntarily brought up her “many sexual, boyfriend and marriage feelings for Larry David“;
  4. One time, she even gave David her number, and HE NEVER CALLED BACK.
“I’m feeling a little less awesome about the crush,” a somewhat deflated Meyers says.

Her explanation falls pretty squarely in line with her half-down to Earth, half-Manic Pixie Dream Girl persona: “If someone’s married, if they have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, if they’re gay… I always get so carried away in the delusion of ‘oh my God, we’re in love!’”

Please, never change. Curb your enthusiasm below:

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]