Watch Game Of Thrones’ Australian Production Designer Deborah Riley Discuss The Logistics Of Art Directing An HBO Epic

Incoming production designer for Games of Thrones‘ fourth season, Australian Deborah Rileyreturns to discuss the challenges of art directing the HBO epic in the following behind-the-scenes ‘artisan piece’. “On a show like Game of Thrones you don’t get a better sandbox to play in. It’s like extreme art department,” says Riley, who has also worked on films like Jindabyne and The Matrix, and who oversaw the design of a staggering 105 sets, not including pre-existing ones, for the imminent season. It’s a fascinating insight into the scale and logistics behind one of televisions most ambitious undertakings. 

Game of Thrones season four premieres on April 6th in the US and subsequently airs on Foxtel’s Showcase channel on Monday April 7th.