The Original Plans For The Night King’s Look On ‘GoT’ Were 400 Times More Terrifying

Game Of Thrones almost feels stale now, but I’m still curious when little BTS nuggets drop about plans for the series. The latest? An original drawing planning out how The Night King would look – and folks, no thank you.

[jwplayer rzhdhO0U]

The drawing was discovered by The Sun in The Art Of Game Of Thrones, a book chronicling design elements from the HBO series. It shows a very different, far more fucked up version of The Night King.

Credit: HBO

Production designer Deborah Riley originally signed off on the sketches, with many noting how similar the original Night King looks to the Ring Wraiths from Lord Of The Rings (which I’m currently doing a re-watch of and good lord, what a SERIES you guys).

Credit: HBO

Fans are divided online – some feel the original designs are scarier and would have worked better, while others think they lacked imagination due to their similarity to Lord Of The Rings.

My take? I like the features of the Night King we got – the carved face (done by prosthetic designer Barry Gower) and piercing blue eyes were scary enough. But maybe having the Night King as a towering figure may have added to his reign of terror, no?