Drake is hosting Saturday Night Live this week, as well as being the music guest. 

But we’d say he’s probably regretting ever saying yes to gig, because Leslie Jones is making him uncomfortable. Very, very uncomfortable. 

In these SNL promos, Jones tries to get Drake on board with some of the comedy material she wants to work on, all of which includes spanking Driz like a baby. 

Can’t say we blame her, but let’s just acknowledge that Drake is one of the world’s top rappers. Gone are the days were rappers were feared and aggressive. We have Drake now. He is awkward and uncomfortable and goofy and is totally chill with being the butt of jokes on television. 

But anyway – speaking of butts:

Awwww, Drizzyyyyyyyy! WATCH: Drake’s Hosting SNL This Week & The Promo Is Deeply, Deeply Awkward

Source/Photo: SNL / Facebook.