WATCH: Drake Finally Hits Peak Meme, Drops Made-For-Twitter Tune On ‘SNL’

For each and every Drake that can actually hold his own against Rihanna in a twerk-heavy clip, there’s the Drake that exists solely in the internet -the collective impression of thousands of the #rarest memes that the internet’s shitlords have to offer.

Hell, the dude even gifted us with the tools to clown on him:

And then there’s a goofy-as-fuck Drake who’s all too happy to don a wig for a half-arsed RiRi impression on Saturday Night Live and you better believe all three coalesced on the latest ep.

You’ve gotta admit, having the audacity to sing ’bout how you’re not feeling that meme life, while inserting yourself into a perfectly-memeable situation, is some kind of post-post-modern internet age miracle.

Not a miracle: that impression. It’s hilaribad, but knowing Drake’s stranglehold on the interwebz’ attention, that’s probs the whole point. Observe:

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]

Yeah. Whatever you say, Aubrey.

Source: Saturday Night Live